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Crimson Boudoir

Beauty isn't something that is defined by makeup or style. It cannot be measured by the cost of your clothes or the number on a scale. Every woman is beautiful, you just have to find that glow that might not be so visible anymore because of all the stresses that modern day women carry with them. Whether you're a mother or a nurse, a youth leader or a business woman, this experience will empower you to be the woman you have always aspired to be. Creating professional images by offering a timeless style to any woman, glamour and boudoir is something that will change your life forever.

Please continue to scroll down to answer some frequently asked questions:
Q: What's included in my shoot?
A: My shoots are all inclusive! In your shoot you will get the full treatment. We start with a phone, FaceTime, Skype or in studio consult. The day of your shoot, a professional board certified stylist will custom style your hair and makeup just for you, to your specifications. I will set this appointment up for you when you book with me. Your hair and makeup will take about 45 minutes to an hour, give or take. All the while, you'll be dining on my hand picked, gourmet chocolates that I have selected from Chocolate Bliss. The fun doesn't even begin to stop there. After your hair and makeup, we'll stroll over to my studio (at 315 Main Street) for your shoot while listening to your favorite tunes that I have picked based on your contract selections. The shoot will take about 60-90 minutes, depending on the clothes you have picked out. People usually bring a huge bag of things, and that's great, but the more you bring, the more we'll take and the more you'll spend, so I would say anywhere from 3-5 is a great number of outfits for you.

Q: Do you provide any clothing? 
A: I don't have much, but you can see what I have on hand. I just started offering bodysuits and a few things of that type. For hygiene reasons, you'll just wear a thong or underwear with my clothing, and I wash everything in studio with Dreft, immediately after it's on my clients, when we wrap up the session. I have accessories, and a collection of jewelry for you to borrow for your shoot. Be sure to bring any jewelry that is special to you, though. 

Q: Do you shoot pin up?
A: I don't, actually. I will, however, do some pin up(ish) shots for you. I just don't like to do anything that dates an image. I want my women to feel timeless. I do know many other talented photographers in the area if you would like to do only pin up shots. 

Q: Do you shoot couples boudoir?
A: No, I don't, but again, I know a few others in the area that do, so feel free to call, text or email me about this. I just don't focus my work on "sex". 

Q: But - you're shooting women in lingerie, and I see some nudes...?
A: Actually, I don't shoot nudes. I shoot women with G-Strings and I edit out the straps. For me, women are just beautiful and we need to stop the stereotyping. I would be proud to shoot women in any tasteful way that isn't focused on sex. The human body is a beautiful thing, Americans just tend to oversexualize everything in the media. 
I started shooting boudoir for many reasons, but one main reason was to start showing classy, everyday women in lingerie. I would never take an image that I would be embarrassed to show my daughter in the future. I also never take an image that I would be embarrassed for my daughter to find years down the road. I look at it like this - every woman I see has a different story, but they're still someone's daughter, sister, mother, best friend, etc. I would never want to paint anyone in a light that would discredit them. 

Q: Wow, that's impressive. So how fast would I get my proofs back? 
A: You'll get your proofs anywhere from 2-3 weeks after your shoot, but if you're in a hurry, I can rush the editing for you and have them done in 48 hours. There is a $100 rush fee. I will contact you as soon as they're done to get your purchasing session set up. I do not allow men in my studio at all for anything boudoir related. My studio is a safe place for women to come and be women. 

Q: After I order my products, how long will it take to get to me?
A: It depends on what you order, but anywhere from 14-21 business days is usual. Again, I can do a rush on this as well. It would be $100 for the rush on your total order.


Q: How do I get my stuff when it all comes in? 
A: I will discuss this with you during your viewing session, but we have two options. One is for you to pick it up at the studio. The other option is called certified restricted delivery. This option is only available if you are over 21, and only you will be able to sign for it. This is a USPS shipping option so it's extremely safe. It comes with tracking, and they will ask to see your ID when you sign for it. The most important thing is that the name on the ID has to match the name the package is addressed to. If you're not home, you can go pick it up at the USPS nearest to you and you will be identified and sign for it there. I cannot mail this to a business, as this is not something the USPS offers.

Q: I can't seem to find your pricing on your site here, why not? 
A: I personally love it when clients fall in love with my work, not my pricing, although it is pretty reasonable! Please just email me or call me for that information. I like to go over everything over the phone or in person so you can know exactly what to expect when working with me.
email -
phone - (812) 461-8917


Q: Great! Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes, I do actually! I will set you up on a payment plan and have you sign a purchase agreement when you place your order. Nothing will be ordered until your plan is paid off in full. If you fault on your payment arrangements, none of your payments will be refunded. I also offer the BOOTY BANK which includes a 5x7 Signature album, plus all edited high resolution files from your session. 


Q: I can't wait to do this! How do I get on the books with you?
A: You can email me at:, or call/text me at (812) 461 8917. We can talk over the phone, or if you'd prefer to meet with me and see my studio in person, we can meet there for your consult to discuss your session and get on the same page. I'm located at 315 Main Street in Jasper, IN but I'm in the studio by appointment only, so be sure to contact me first before you drop by. I rent my studio out to other photographers on 
occasion, so it is very important to have an appointment.