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Boudoir Shoot FAQ's

Boudoir shoots:
Boudoir shoots, eh? That's where you get naked and stuff right?
Well, yes and no. 
1) I will NEVER take an image I would be embarrassed to show my daughter. You will be tastefully covered in some way, whether it's with your own body, or otherwise, you'll be tastefully portrayed. 
2) My clients are NOT required to take off anything to do a shoot with me. I would have gone with "glamour photographer" but what do you think when you hear "glamour"? 80s hair. Right away. Cheesy pose and too much airbrushing... No thanks. I want my clients to feel glamourous and timeless. Not silly or uncomfortable. 
3) I wanted people to know I specialized in boudoir photography. I am trained for every body type and every age of woman. 
4) I am trained to take pictures of women in lingerie. I know what poses will best suit you. I'm comfortable with the beauty of the female body, and I strive to prove that to my customers.

What do I wear? 
This is where it really gets fun. Please send me a full body selfie with the three things you love about yourself, and some things that concern you about your session. I custom design my sessions for YOU. I have a full lingerie guide to help us style your session together. Feel free to grab some of your favorite jewelry and d
on't forget your heels!
I also have some one pieces in my studio that work with many body styles and skin variations. My clients can wear these with a thong or G String underneath and the pieces are washed immediately in a dye free, Dreft immediately after use. 

Will you shoot my (husband/boyfriend) for me? 
Although "dudoir" is something that is on the rise and becoming more and more in demand, that is not something I would like to offer. I also do not take couples boudoir or pin up boudoir images. It's nothing against those styles, it's just not where my heart is in this business. I like my images to have a timelessness to them. I will do "stylized shoots" like a "Marilyn Monroe style" or a "tattooed" style or something of that nature, just not pin up, dudoir or couples boudoir. I do know a very talented photographer in Evansville that does specialize in that, so if you would like me to get you her information, I would be more than happy to help you out.

Can I apply my print credit towards the purchase of an album? 
Yes, of course!
I'm ready to book! How does this work?
Trust me, I'm just as excited as you are! I love my job. The first thing you'll want to do is go to my "When can I book?" page and see if I'm available. I do my best to keep it updated. Even if there is a date darkened out, just ask me about it. I might have time to do the shoot. I can work Sundays and Mondays, but only for newborn shoots. iCandy isn't open on Sundays or Mondays and I work exclusively with them.
The next thing you'll want to do is look at the "When can I book?" page and click on the link to fill out the contract for your shoot. Once you have filled out the contract, set a date in stone with me and paid your deposit, you're officially on the books.
How long does it take to get my proofs back?
Your proofs take about 14 to 21 business days to be ready. 
That long?! But I'm DYING to see them!
If you'd like, I do offer a rush service to have them within 72 hours (excluding holidays) for an additional $50.
What about my prints? How long do they take to get to me?
It depends on what you order, but usually everything takes anywhere from 14-21 business days. I can rush the order if you'd like for an additional $100. For boudoir shoots, I have my clients order in studio and retrieve them from me in studio, unless they choose to have them shipped by the USPS via certified restricted delivery. This is only an option for those over 21 and the name I ship the package to must match the name on your license or ID. I will not hand your pictures to anyone else due to confidentiality reasons.