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Meet the photographer


My name is Melissa and I am the owner, founder, and photographer at Melissa Adams, LLC and Crimson Boudoir Photography.  I started my photography business in 2009, and started specializing in glamour/boudoir and newborns in 2012. In 2017, I'm going to open this up even further to fashion maternity and maternity boudoir sessions. 
I have the sexiest husband alive, and I'm partially hilarious in person. Mostly just awkward, though. I have two amazing children but my uterus is aching for the little boy I've always wanted. We have three dogs and I love my basil plant almost as equally as my pets, which is highly disappointing considering I have a brown thumb. 

I am trained on feminine posing, lighting, etc. I know how to make any woman, any shape, size or age, look their best. I'm also trained in the safety of newborns. I know what temperature they like the room to be set at, and what poses are safe. I will NEVER put your little one in harm's way for a good/trendy shot.
I try to do all of this with the idea that you're not just getting a shoot. You're getting a full experience, plus all of my shoots have credits towards products with me. I want you to walk away with something. Also, I don't like just offering the digital files. In 20 short years, people won't remember discs, or USBs. They'll be onto something new, and let's be honest - who's going to update every single shoot they have to the newest and greatest file storage system? No one. So I encourage people to get prints. That's why I offer them in my packages. One day, your great great great great great grandaughter is going to open up a box and say "Wow! Mom! Who's this?! Tell me all about her!" How is she going to do that when she's not able to view your images for her own eyes?
I hope you've enjoyed learning more about me, my business, and my passions. I would love to know more about you, and can't wait to do business together.