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Newborn Shoot FAQ's

I'm ready to book! How does this work?
Trust me, I'm just as excited as you are! I love my job.
I only take a certain number of newborn sessions a month, so please contact me to see if I have availability. If I'm not booked up, I will then send you the contract and as soon as the contract is filled out and the retainer of $125 is paid, you're on the books! 

How long does it take to get my proofs back?
Your proofs take about 7 to 14 business days to get them back. 

That long?! But I'm DYING to see them!
It usually doesn't take that long but I like to allow time for family and/or emergencies. If you'd like, I do offer a rush service to have them done in 72 hours (holidays not included) for an additional $50.

What about my prints? How long do they take to get to me?
I can mail them to you as soon as I get them. Anywhere between 14-21 business days. I can do rush /processing shipping for an additional $50.

When is the best time for our newborn shoot?
I'm so glad you asked! I like to do the shoot anywhere from 5-10 days after their birth. That gives you all time to adjust, and they've been through a rough experience; they need time to heal too. Anytime after that, they develop so fast, you have to be sure to get with me before 14 days of age for them to truly be "newborns". I will take children that are older than this, especially with NICU stays, but they change so much and many of the poses may not be an option after two weeks.

But my child is 2 months old! Can't we do a shoot with you still?
It all depends on if I'm currently booked with my newborn sessions and baby plans.
Yes, but the posing will be completely different. You're child might still only be 8-10 pounds in some cases, but developmentally I can't pose them the same and they're already a completely different baby. That's why it is so important to get the shoot booked when you're still pregnant.

I have props and outfits I'd like to use, is that okay?
Well, yes. Of course! As far as newborn shoots, I do three outfit changes in our 90-120 minute session. In my opinion, clothes kind of swallow a newborn, though, and too many props are very distracting. I want the focus to be on your baby, not the three stuffed animals around him, or the many sports props. 
I have tons of wraps and things for you to look through at my studio. Feel free to pick something out there as well, but yes - I will use anything you'd like to see in your newborn shoot.

I've "pinned" like a bazillion things on Pinterest, can we use some ideas from there?
Yes, we can definitely make your images based on an idea you've seen on Pinterest within my creative rights, but I'm going to tell you right now... your images are not going to turn out like them. These are your memories, not theirs. Let's make them better! :) 
That being said, there are MANY ideas on Pinterest that are completely unsafe. I will never put your baby in a glass jar that could break, or balance them on something. You will be at an arms reach away from your child at all times, and most of the time you will have at least one finger touching them.